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Best Online Math Apps for Kids

Great news! The internet is full of fantastic math applications for children of all ages! Some of my favorite math apps are listed below...

Prodigy is a math app for math skills practice set in a visually engaging fantasy world. The app is set up like an RPG and children "battle" to progress in the game. Children solve math problems to win battles. Prodigy is great for home and school use and is appropriate for 1st-8th grade students.

Mathletics is an application for home and school use. It provides practice for students and valuable data for teachers. It is wildly popular around the world and well received by parents, children, and teachers. It is appropriate for elementary school students.

Award winning, free, non-profit website for teachers, parents, and children with math teaching videos and exercises. It is appropriate for students of all ages.

This app boasts gamified adaptive learning software and claims that children can learn one year of math in three months! This is one of the more expensive apps at 55 US dollars a month.

Appropriate for students K-12 and set up for home and school use. Students collect stars and badges by completing missions and practicing math skills.

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