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Bookworm: The Best Online Reading Apps

School closures has led many parents to wonder,

"How can I ensure that my child is getting the reading and phonics practice that they need?"

Thankfully the internet provides!

Here is a list of my favorite reading applications...

Epic has earned so many positive reviews and awards for its exciting digital book content. Teachers and parents can pay for accounts starting for as little as 7.99 US dollars a month. The application boasts thousands of fiction and non-fiction books for readers of all different ages and stages. Parents and teachers can create digital libraries based on the interests and reading levels of their children.

Vooks provides a streaming library of audio visual books for children 2-8 years old. It works on most devices and is ad free. It is positively reviewed by parents and teachers.

Lalilo is a gamified and adaptive phonics application for K-Grade 2 students. Children progress through a playful and interactive world, practicing phonics skills, and collecting badges. Its appropriate for school or home use and provides valuable data to teachers.

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