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Teacher Anxiety: Self-Care

As teachers we care a great deal about our students. We think about the educational and emotional needs of our students at school...and quite often at home as well. We are aware of the responsibility we have as teachers and happily carry our worry with us because we care deeply about children and love what we do. However, to avoid "the dreaded burnout," we have to make sure to care take of ourselves as well. We are more effective and more supportive teachers when we feel physically and emotionally balanced. In this blog article I`ll share some of the ways that I practice self care.

Self-Care isn`t just important for you...

its important for your students as well!

We all have busy lives, but fitting just 20 minutes a day of one or more of these activities helps me to recharge and renew. Sometimes "self-care time" means time alone at home or sometimes an outing with family or friends.


20 minutes of yoga a day is enough to make me feel rested, while oddly energized, as well! Youtube is full of yoga videos for the novice, like me. Sometimes Ill even do a short Youtube video with my three year old daughter.

Take a Walk

It feels regenerative to walk in nature alone or with my family. Even during lock down, nature was always "open." Pre-Covid times, walking in town was a delight as well. Walking past the shops, people watching, and grabbing a cup of coffee felt like a fun distraction.

Take a Bath

There are bath people and I am definitely one of them! Nothing is more relaxing than turning off my brain and taking nice long quiet soak. It almost feels like meditation...just floating and focused on nothing but enjoying the moment of peace alone.

Connect with a Colleague

There are times when every teacher feels a bit overwhelmed. We`ve all been there! During these times I do two things. One, I try to get a bit of perspective and turn off by spending time doing something more active that I enjoy. Two, I talk to a trusted colleague. Taking time to gain perspective and talking to a fellow teacher always help me to reset.

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